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Автор Gertcel Davydov

Gertcel Davydov

Книги автора Gertcel Davydov

Akiva The Shepherd. English edition
Akiva The Shepherd. English edition
The book «Akiva the Shepherd» is about a man who worked his way up from a simple shepherd to a great sage. Akiva spent his youth as a shepherd for Kalba Savua, a wealthy citizen of Jerusalem, who had a very beautiful daughter, Rachel. Akiva fell in love with the girl and promised her if she had married him he would have started learning. Akiva kept his promise. Аt the age of forty, he started his studies despite hardship and mockery, eventually becoming one of the greatest sage in history.
Akiva and Rachel. One of the greatest love stories of all time
Akiva and Rachel. One of the greatest love stories of all time
This book draws the reader’s attention to the story of high love that existed between Rabbi Akiva and Rachel as described in the Talmud. Thanks to his wife Rachel, Akiva went from being an illiterate shepherd to becoming one of the greatest wise-men in Jewish history. This story took place approximately two thousand years ago and since then has been passed from generation to generation as an example of the idea of high love in a relationship between a man and a woman.
Horus and Set: Two Ancient Egyptian Gods
Horus and Set: Two Ancient Egyptian Gods
Horus and Set were mortal enemies who embodied the timeless struggle between good and evil.When Set killed Osiris and became the supreme ruler of Egypt, he raised taxes, and the lives of ordinary Egyptians became unbearably difficult. Horus, the grown son of Osiris and Isis, brought his claim to the throne to the Council. The Council ruled in favor of Set, but Horus had no intention of accepting this decision, and so the two became embroiled for years in their struggle for the Egyptian throne.